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Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets: Love This Electric Can Opener!

Cooking with Chronic Illness Adaptive Kitchen Hacks Dre using the Zyliss Electric Can Opener

Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets are key when you are cooking with chronic illness or a disability This ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener, Gray/White has been a game changer in keeping Dre cooking and creating his recipes.

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The Need For Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets

Something like opening a can of beans is standard, and often necessary, to putting together a meal. However, this task that is a regular function of being in the kitchen can be a game ender when cooking if your hands can’t manipulate a traditional can opener.

For Dre, it’s the neuropathy and weakness in his right hand caused by multiple sclerosis that make using a can opener an honestly impossible task – but this challenge is not limited to MS. Our hands and grip strength can be impacted by arthritis, cystic fibrosis, age, neuropathy , and honestly, so many other factors that impact our physical ability.

Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets – The Electric Can Opener

Instead of backing away from the kitchen as his hands weakened, Dre set out to find gadgets that allow cooking to continue to be accessible. One of the products he has fallen in love with is the ZYLISS electric can opener.

How the ZYLISS Makes the Kitchen Accessible

Remarkably simple, the ZYLISS opener is designed to be used with a single hand. There is no need for grip strength, squeezing, twisting, or even holding the can.

Simply place the opener on top of the can and press the button. A magnet attaches to the metal top of the can and the gadget zips around the top and cuts it open. When it’s finished, it reverses to give a final cut.

Once it’s done, simply tap the button again to stop it and pull the opener off the can. It will bring the lid with it, and voila! Your can is open!

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ZYLISS Electronic Can Opener

One touch design to automatically open cans in seconds.
Zero sharp edges 
All sized cans including pop-top are suitable for this can opener

Please visit our Resources page if you are interested in finding some of the tools and gadgets Dre uses to make cooking accessible while combatting MS.

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