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Snow Day Means Shovel Day!

Eighteen Degrees? Snow Coming down? February in Colorado means snow, and snow day means shovel day! So when the powder starts flying, the shovels start coming out. Dre moved out to Colorado because he loves the snow, so while MS might slow him down a little, it’s not going to stop him from getting out and clearing off the driveway. As an added bonus, with the magic of technology, it doesn’t take any time at all.

On top of getting the sidewalk and driveway cleared in the mandated 24 hour window, pulling out the shovel also is the perfect opportunity to get in a little exercise and practice balance. Keeping his health and safety in mind, Dre makes sure to keep at a steady pace that won’t fatigue him and also makes sure to take breaks so his muscles don’t wear down.

Sturdy boots with great traction are a must. After all, even the most sure footed can get caught on the ice. Using the shovel actually helps quite a bit with balance. Every challenge Dre takes on he considers how he needs to adapt and change how he may have done things before along with challenging himself to do the things he still wants to do to keep him active and enjoying life.

If you’re not up for getting out into the snow yourself today, here’s your chance to sit back, grab some hot cocoa, and watch a master get it done!

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