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Adaptive Kitchen Gadgets and Lifestyle Tools

This page shares adaptive kitchen gadgets and lifestyle tools we use to make life accessible. While great to assist with handicap living, they’re also fantastic life hacks that have made life simpler.  We love and use all of these products. These recommendations reflect our personal experiences with these products.

  This post contains Amazon affiliate links, i.e., when you buy any product using the links below, we get commissions. but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. If you do purchase any product using the given links, we thank you in advance!

Kitchen Gadgets

The ZYLISS electric can opener is a lifesaver in the kitchen for Dre. Without full use of his hands due to his MS,  traditional can openers are a challenge. This reasonably priced can opener allows him to easily open cans with a simple press of a button! A favorite for sure!

This slicer, dicer, and chopper is a go to for Dre for his slaws and salsas. Quick and easy, it is a great tool in general, but also a nice substitute for knives, which can be challenging to manipulate with limited mobility in his hands. 

The difference of a few degrees can make all of the difference in dinner coming out perfect or… Not so much. This thermometer is a must in Dre’s kitchen. Easy to navigate, it allows him to temp all of his meals and make sure his meals are the desired temp and tenderness. Whether you’re just starting off, a seasoned cook, fully abled or physically challenged, this thermometer is a must!

This non-Advhesive Anti-Slip mat is a great tool to help stabilize pots, cutting boards, bowls, trays, and many other kitchen utensils on the counter top. With his right hand not having full functionality, this non-slip surface is great for helping make sure these items stay secure while Dre cooks.

This mesh boiling bag is a great tool to help transfer boiled items safely and easily to the sink. Putting the items in the bag and then boiling in there allows Dre to move the bag to the sink without having to carry a heavy pan of boiling water across the kitchen.

This food scale is a helpful necessity to ensure portioning and measuring are correct. Dre uses this on a regular basis for multiple recipes, allowing him to make sure he has the correct portions and sizes. 

This Ninja Air Fryer is a go to for any kitchen, but has proven to be a great support for MS. Most importantly, it’s a healthy alternative that eliminates the oils in traditional frying. It is also incredibly convenient and easy to use. The basket allows for easy transfer from a hot surface to the plate and eliminates needing to move food from the stove or a frying pan, which can be difficult with mobility issues. It is also easy to clean and takes minimal countertop space.

The Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop Burner has been a perfect tool for accessible cooking. Lightweight and portable, Dre can move this burner close to the sink or to the island to allow for ease of moving items from the pot or pan to where he needs them. It is also incredibly convenient in keeping an even temperature for cooking. An all around great addition to any kitchen!

The Ninja Foodi cookware set is perfect for Dre’s kitchen. Compatible with the induction burner, they are lightweight enough to easily transfer food but incredibly durable and maintain a consistent heat. The non-stick surface is easy to clean and minimizes energy spent during the clean up process, which is crucial for MS or anyone who is challenged with fatigue.

The Ninja Foodi Never Stick Premium Saute Pan is used regularly in our house. It’s the perfect size and depth for multiple dishes, whether sauteing or simmering. It’s nonstick surface is great for making sure vegetables and proteins and incredibly easy to clean. The pan maintains an even heat throughout the cooking process, keeping consistency in dishes.

Boiling water can be a hazard in any kitchen, but when you’re cooking with a handicap, it can definitely be something you want to avoid. If you’ve ever forgotten your boiling eggs on a stove, this is also a great tool. This egg cooker allows for perfectly cooked eggs for multiple types of meals and is a wonderful addition to physically abled and physically challenged kitchens alike.

The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC is a staple for making Dre’s salsa’s and chutneys. Small and portable, it is easy to store and takes minimal effort to get in and out. With a simple press of the lid it  chops or purees his sauces to the correct consistency and requires minimal hand agility. Easy to clean and easy to store, it’s the perfect gadget for multiple needs.

The Yardwe Trongs came into our kitchen when Dre was having trouble gripping chicken wings after applying sauce to them. The Trongs give him a solid surface to hold onto and are great for anyone who is suffering from neuropathy or dexterity issues with their fingers.

A lover of fresh herbs in his food, the AeroGarden provided Dre fresh herbs year round without the challenge of navigating through what can sometimes prove a treacherous backyard garden with the challenges of mobility issues. 

The OXO Good Grips Canisters are a favorite in our kitchen. First and foremost, the POP container allows for easy, single handed access. Stackable and see through, they also allow for ease of pantry organization, limiting energy spent on digging for ingredients.

The OXO Good Grips Canisters are a favorite in our kitchen. First and foremost, the POP container allows for easy, single handed access. Stackable and see through, they also allow for ease of pantry organization, limiting energy spent on digging for ingredients.

The OXO Round Canisters have been great for flour, sugar, salt, and other baking ingredients. The POP container allows for one handed, easy open, access and keeps ingredients fresh.

For the same reason we love the other OXO POP products, we love the cereal containers. Easy to open, close, and seal, the containers keep food fresh and allow for easy acces. 

Lifestyle Gadgets

With the balance issues MS presents, having a secure handle to get in and out of the tub as well as for support while showering has been crucial. With a simple installation process, this has proven to be a reliable and necessary tool for Dre. 

This tool is honestly handy for anyone, but yes, definitely helps out for reaching high, low, and narrow spaces that require bending stretching and moving that are challenging with MS or any other mobility issue. Love this tool!